Gymnasium Floor Graphics, Game lines, Mascots, Logos and Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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Murals, game lines, graphics and stripes on walls, gym floors
Game lines, Murals, Gym Floors and Mascots by Cary Clawson Art Studios

Welcome to " Jack Devine Gym Floors". We specialize in custom painted gymnasium floor graphics, game lines, mascots, logos and complete hardwood floor re finishing tailored specifically for your Institution. Located in Voorhees, NJ. Jack has been re finishing floors for over 50 years, and has developed a respectful reputation over that period of time. We cover the entire Tri-State area, which includes New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, even Virginia in some cases. Jack Devine specializes in top quality hardwood gymnasium floor re finishing, repairs, game lines and re coating.
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These days, it's not enough to have a winning team, you must have a winning appearance. High atop the bleachers which surrounds your gymnasium will be the eyes of discriminating spectators. Now, you too, can impress your opponents, increase school spirit and encourage audience participation. By choosing the gym floor specialists, from Jack Devine Floors, you can have a spectacular floor design with originality and style.


Game lines,
and Hardwood Floor

    Our services are as follows:
  • Spice up your existing gymnasium floor graphics with the use of air-brush for creative special effects.
  • Re-design and update your gym floor logo without the expense of complete floor finishing.
  • Touch up and re coat your existing gym floor graphics and Mascots.
  • We will custom design your gymnasium court with a spectacular layout, to have the appearance of a professional basketball court.
  • Add customized graphics to surrounding walls of your gym, to add school spirit and intimidate rival schools.
  • Complete hardwood floor re finishing, and game lines.
  • Gymnasium floor re-coating.
  • Major and minor repairs.

For colleges, universities, private or public schools, churches and recreation centers.
We only use the highest quality, lead free paint materials for a safe environment.
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